Doc Martens burst into mainstream fame, and earned a cult like following amongst white supremacists after their intense product placement in the 1999 movie American History X.  Check this stomach turning scene for an example:

Doc-Martens-ClassicsI totally made that shit up about product placement and bursting into mainstream fame because of it.  Doc Martens were popular in the 90s in lots of different sub cultures.  It was always the shined up high boots you see pictured left though.

A cursory glance at their website actually shows they have some decent other non-camouflage offerings as well.  Maybe I’ll have to pick up a pair in an effort to erase the goth / white supremacist stigma attached to the brand from my memory.

I digress though… that camouflage boot is based on their 1460 classic model (same as the black one to the left).  No word on the price yet, but you can expect them to be available on their website and at stockists worldwide. I’ll definitely be picking up a pair if I can find any.


Stay fresh even when the mercury falls:

Full grain leather upper, seam sealed waterproof construction, contrast colored sole.  Add those camouflage accents and you’ve got a nice looking boot for only $50 more than what you would have paid for the plain old Kitchener boot.  You really can’t go wrong with Sorel.  I’ve had a few of the bigger pairs so far in my lifetime that I played pretty hard in and they all held up great.

$250 pre-order over at Concepts.


Italian footwear brand Diemme with another solid product for fellow Italian brand Stone Island:

Diemme has made Stone Island‘s footwear for a few seasons now.  I especially like the contract of the olive drab and brown nylon.  The black on black ones are nice too, but a bit too plain for me.  The boots contain Vibram outer soles, so you know this isn’t your standard issue military boot.

Available at HAVEN for $515 CAD ($526 USD).  I dare someone to show up at basic training with these.


British designer Nigel Cabourn teams up with Red Wing Heritage for this British Army inspired boot:

An interesting interview regarding the collaboration:

Completely manufactured in the USA, and lined with Army green Harris tweed.  You can read more about the 100 year old Edward Munson boot design over at Red Wing’s Amsterdam blog.

Available at select Red Wing retailers worldwide.  Comes in two colorways pictured above.  Red Wing’s Amsterdam store has the boots for €490.00 ($636 USD) to give you an idea what the US retail will be if you want to track a pair down.


New for Fall/Winter 2012:


A contemporary take on the classic combat boot.  Interesting that he chose to forgo the laces (even though the loops are still present) in exchange for a side zipper and leather belt style straps at the top.  Seeing as these boots likely won’t see any actual combat, i’m sure the less restrictive rendition will do the job.

With jeans over top I’d wear these, but if you’re expected to wear skinny jeans and tuck them in, that is just a bit too futuristic looking for me.

£907 ($1474 USD) over at HOSTEM London.

You also can check out the Rick Owens website, which as expected is confusing and weird.