bomber jacket

From one of my favorite brands out of Canada:

I like the wide cuffs, neck, and waistband.  That’s a good looking jacket, you really can never go wrong with a dark grey (charcoal) colorway.

$690 over at Wings + Horns.


A subtle take on the MA-1 jacket from luxury French clothing brand Givenchy:

This is the kind of stuff I like to see out of Givenchy, very wearable.  Just make sure you have your passport and pinot noir at arm’s reach.

Available at MRPORTER for $2445.


Lightly distressed vintage looking flight/bomber jackets from Visvim:

Available in Black, Dark Brown, Brown, And Burgundy as pictured.  Priced quite excessively at ¥380,000 ($4830) over at Visvim.

I like the look of the brown one a lot, but I’ve definitely seen comparable looking options for a fraction of the price.

The one neat thing is you’ll notice on the left breast part there is a rectangular area that would have had the name of the pilot on it.


CASH CA Flight/Bomber Jacket


A take on the classic MA-1 flight/bomber jacket from CASH CA out of Japan:


Nylon outer shell comes in three colors; Olive (pictured), Navy, and Black, all with a bright orange lining.

Available for purchase at the Heather Grey Wall for ¥37,800 ($481 USD)