bathing ape

Even if you’re Asian, just no:


Trust BAPE to dive head first into ultra niche soft goods.  This is something I’d expect your drug dealers cool aunt to have on her wall.  Right away my mind just wrongly went to assuming this is display fan and not a functional fan.  If you’re a hypebeast you’ll probably see this fan in one of your favorite stores, and shit your drop crotch pants as you awkwardly grab for your wallet.

Go forth and purchase; ¥10,290 ($103 USD) over at BAPE.


Colorway: subdued Fraggle Rock?


I don’t even know what that camouflage pattern is supposed to be, but that designer was obviously on one.  “Explosive Camo” hey?  Sure buddy, whatever you say.

Has BAPE ever had an original shoe pattern?   It’s always Converse and Nike ripoffs… now Vans too apparently.  I wonder when they are going to branch out into higher fashion rips?

¥15,540 ($152 USD) over at BAPE online.





haha Payless isn’t actually involved in the collab, but you’d never know it by looking at the shoes.  Come on Nigo!… Jeeeze.  This is when you know a higher end brand is struggling.  They begin to collab with low end brands who focus on pricing and distribution strategies aimed at the masses.  Sure millions will be made as the high end brand deviates from its original self, but at what cost?  Thought anything BAPE you had was unique?  Wait 6 months from now when junior high kids are getting their moms to pick up the AAPE rebranded / low end collab version of everything you own from stores like Zumiez, Payless, Target, and Walmart.

No word on the price of this shoe yet, but I’m sure none of you care anyway.  I sure don’t.

Hat tip: Sneaker News


The post title is my new life motto.  Pro tip – this is called a casket hat:


Truth be told, although I like tiger stripe and wish I could pull it off, I wouldn’t look good in a hat like that.  Old men love hats like that, but most go with tweed.  Tiger stripe camo shows the youngins that you’re not afraid to mix things up.  The fact it’s Mr. Bathing Ape also gives you some cred when stylish young kids ask you about it, because you can flaunt your mad disposable income… just don’t mix it up / flaunt too hard or you might break a hip.

Mr-Bathing-Ape-Logo£270 ($405 USD) from Present.


Fuggitaboutit.  A collab for the ugly record books:

BAPE is one of those companies like Supreme… they will jump at the opportunity to do a collab with anyone big, regardless the outcome.  

The items are “limited edition” so I’m sure they will sell like hotcakes, even though they look like they should be in the bargain bin at Zellers.

No word on the prices, but you can apparently pick them up at the Causway Bay BAPE store in Hong Kong if you’re interested.  I’m unsure if they will take phone orders.


Mr. Bathing Ape with a fresh offering out of Japan:

As far as classic camouflages go, it’s hard to hate on Tiger.  The cotton they used for this jacket is really nice looking judging by the detail shot.

750 € ($962 USD) over at Caliroots.