Even if you’re Asian, just no:


Trust BAPE to dive head first into ultra niche soft goods.  This is something I’d expect your drug dealers cool aunt to have on her wall.  Right away my mind just wrongly went to assuming this is display fan and not a functional fan.  If you’re a hypebeast you’ll probably see this fan in one of your favorite stores, and shit your drop crotch pants as you awkwardly grab for your wallet.

Go forth and purchase; ¥10,290 ($103 USD) over at BAPE.


Colorway: subdued Fraggle Rock?


I don’t even know what that camouflage pattern is supposed to be, but that designer was obviously on one.  “Explosive Camo” hey?  Sure buddy, whatever you say.

Has BAPE ever had an original shoe pattern?   It’s always Converse and Nike ripoffs… now Vans too apparently.  I wonder when they are going to branch out into higher fashion rips?

¥15,540 ($152 USD) over at BAPE online.


The Bape Shark Ape Sta:


Yes that’s the same shoe… mind blowing huh?  One side you’ve got your duck-esque BAPE camo, an eye and a mouth, then on the other side a classic navy (pictured) or black with the other half of the shark face.  To make it even more mind blowing, the shoes are not even a mirror image of each other… on the right side you’ll just see camo, on the left side you’ll just see the solid color.

Available at BAPE retailers world wide.  I’m too lazy to call any of them for the price because I’m assuming two things: 1) None of you care, because you don’t want them anyway, and 2) It’s safe to say they are going to be at least 20x more expensive than the Chuck Taylor All Stars they are based off.


Tangzhuang BAPE Camo Classic


Bape did what they do best, and threw some camo on this traditional Chinese Garment:


This is what it looks like reversed:


$1020 over at BAPE store China and BAPE store Bejing.

A lot of money, but it does look pretty badass in reversed mode… if you can pull something like that off.  Interested idea.


You know the ones they hated from the 70s?  They can be yours:


For the cool price of ¥18,900 ($224 USD) each over at Cover-it-all.

Those look so uncomfortable.  Reminds me of the chairs in grade school that were uncomfortable if you slouched, so you tried to sit up straight and do your work but that was uncomfortable too.  Oh just me?  hmmm never mind then.


Fuggitaboutit.  A collab for the ugly record books:

BAPE is one of those companies like Supreme… they will jump at the opportunity to do a collab with anyone big, regardless the outcome.  

The items are “limited edition” so I’m sure they will sell like hotcakes, even though they look like they should be in the bargain bin at Zellers.

No word on the prices, but you can apparently pick them up at the Causway Bay BAPE store in Hong Kong if you’re interested.  I’m unsure if they will take phone orders.