Bro, do you even climb? Either way, Epperson Mountaineering has you covered:


For the stylishly rugged outdoorsy hunter-gatherer type who appreciates the quality and selection that Whole Foods has to offer.  This tote will fit a lot of quinoa, asparagus, fancy mustards, and that camembert you like so much.  Don’t get too carried away and forget to leave room for the bottle of bordeaux… how pedestrian would that be if you had to buy a liquor store tote, or god forbid carry it out in the open with your free hand?  I hate to even think about embarrassing situations like that.

In case you didn’t already figure it out, the Navajo strap detailing basically is what “makes” the tote.   Be sure to at least wiki what the Navajo people are about before you take this bad boy out in public… people will have no reservations (*ba dum ching*) about bringing their history up in casual conversation, in an attempt to catch a stylish man such as yourself slipping.

Step your tote game up son.  $99 over at End Clothing


Some simple/quality looking bags with psuedo PALS webbing:




With most prices hoving around the €80 – €100 mark ($108 – $134 USD) this is actually around the same price, or maybe even a bit cheaper than buying real MILSPEC bags.  I haven’t seen anything by Unit Portables in person, so I can’t speak to their quality in comparison to MILSPEC, but it looks nice in the pictures.  For those that want a more modern look with modularity, Unit Portables might be a good option.


The french company is actually called WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie (wow that’s a long name) and by the look of their website they are smashing the luxe bag game.  Their bags are carried at such high-end retailers like Mr. Porter, Barneys, and Nordstrom, not to mention SSENSE where you can pick this particular bag up for $595 CAD ($598 USD).

A little too close to “man purse” for my liking.  If given the choice of bags, I’ll pick a duffel or a backpack over anything else.


For the guy that needs more than just one big compartment that most shaving bags offer:

The design is based on the early 20th century British Army Officers wash kit.

Made in England, available in three colors over at Drakes London for £145.00 ($234 USD)