Lanvin absolutely crushing it with this roll down military style duffle:



Plenty of (read MOST) guys out there aren’t going to appreciate the attention to detail and beauty of such an item.  Skewed quilted stitching on the leather, carry handles, zippered pockets, and an ample inner compartment.  By my calculations this duffle will definitely hold about a quarter million in hundreds while still leaving room for condoms, a passport, clean socks / underwear, deodorant, cologne, and a few ENDO Apparel t-shirts… the weekend kit of the successful bachelor 😉

$2600 over at SSENSE, where don’t ask don’t tell only refers to the price tag.



I’ve come to realize that if a jacket has 4 big front pockets, it’s apparently always a “Field Jacket”:


What you’re looking it in this case is a jacket with a fasteners to attach a propriety matching backpack.  Finished laughing yet?  *facepalm* where do I even start.  That thing is so embarrassing…. like seriously a detachable backpack?  Was this concept originally for 5 year olds?  I highly doubt a grown man has ever said “You know what would be really cool… if this jacket came with a matching backpack, and rather than have conventional over the shoulder straps I just had lose straps I could weave into some hardware on the jacket.”  That is the worst possible color they could have possibly produced that jacket in too.  It still would have been hideous in black or olive drab, but much better than such a bland light grey.

£320 ($487 USD) over at Maharishi.


Meet the R2 and The R6. Waxed canvas modular backpacks for the hipster minimalist:

The R2 field pack (only black in color) goes for $229 over at Mission Workshop.  The R6 field pack comes in 2 sizes small $209 and large $229 and is available in black or dark grey cordura nylon with a +$30 option to substitute that out for tan waxed canvas.  The modular accessories listed on the respective pages and range from ~$30 – $100.  The field packs and accessories are made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty.

After checking out the nice pictures website and watching the overview video I can say they definitely both look like solid bags which I would like to own.  Waxed canvas (the material the standard R2 is made from) is one of my favorite materials, because it’s not only waterproof but it looks and feels great.