For soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injury and the psychological effects of war, a Department of Defense art therapy program hopes to provide relief:




Making art can help people unlock dark emotions or memories that they can’t yet vocalize, pulling those buried anxieties from their subconscious and placing them onto a canvass or into a lump of clay, said Donna Betts, a professor in the art therapy program at George Washington University.

Full Story, more mask pictures, and the story behind the masks over at over at NBC.


Supreme linked up with OG influential pro skateboarder Mark Gonzales for this:

Available in Navy, OD, and Woodland Camouflage (Pictured) for $298 over at Supreme.  Not bad right? WRONG… look what they silk screened on the back of every jacket:

I’m so sick of every marginally person being designated as an artist just because they scribble some lines down on a page.  Wait.. before I put my foot in my mouth… a quick google search to make sure Mark Gonzales isn’t mentally retarded… Nope he’s not Jacket = ruined.