Sneak around in either a low-top or a mid Army green pair of leather sneakers from UNIS:

Based on the Original Achilles sneaker from Common Projects.

Both versions of the sneaker are available over at UNIS for $389 USD.


Joya Army Candle Project


Two wick candles housed in vintage British Army soap dishes marked 1945:

Only 100 produced.  Natural soy wax blend comes in two scents; Dawn (Amber Absolute) and Dusk (Bitter Orange Leaf).

Interesting packaging using British DPM fabric and wrapping it around the candle with paracord.

$68 over at Joya Studio.


Plastic Army men trying to safely reach a nearby vegetable garden:

The Making of:

One of the better stop motion shorts I’ve seen.  Really neat how they used fruits and vegetables as explosives, and various flowers for the explosions themselves. I also thought it was interesting that the Army men were cut up in order to convey emotions that come with arm movements, kneeling, looking around etc..


Leadership inspiration using military references from a 4 star general:

Leadership is not a talent or a gift. It’s a choice. It’s not complex, but it’s very hard.

The 51 minutes goes by really fast, he’s an excellent speaker.

Hat tip: Eric