The FED (Fuel Efficient Demonstrator):

The FED employs plenty of carbon fiber and aluminum as a weight-reducing measure, which helps give this four-seater a 30-percent improvement in fuel economy over current military vehicles. Yet even after such a significant increase in efficiency, the FED only gets seven miles per gallon. Under the carbon fiber hood, the FED is powered by a turbocharged and supercharged Cummins four-cylinder engine putting out 200 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque. That helps produce enough power to allow the 15,000-pound FED to have a top speed of almost 75 miles per hour. (Source)

US-ARMY-FED-VehicleMore pictures and info over at Jay Leno’s garage.

Holy, that is a serious vehicle.


Norwegian Army Harlem Shake


These guys know how to have a good time:

Norwegian-Army-Harlem-ShakeIn case you don’t get the joke… these guys started it.  The basic formula is you just do some basic dance up until the beat drops… then you go insane.


The Special Forces Tab


The best of the best.


Freelance photographer Thomas Ekstrom documents the last days of hell week during training:

Read the full interview with Thomas Ekstrom and see lots more pictures over at Visual Supply Co., a company which makes adobe filters to give your pictures a look similar to popular film cameras from back in the day.

I’m not normally blown away by a lot photography, but the composition, colors, and his subjects really make for some amazing looking pictures.

You can check out Thomas’ other work over at his website.


An interesting collab inspired by vintage american uniforms:

Very interesting use of materials.  The above bomber style jacket is especially interesting.

Lots more pictures over at the Dr Romanelli blog.

Available exclusively at the Head Porter atelier Tokyo pop-up store on November 27th.

No word on prices, but you can be assured this stuff will not come cheap just knowing the two brands involved.


What It Means To Be Free


NRA Life of Duty talks to a former U.S. ARMY Special Forces Member:

Wow, what a great video.  Definitely puts things in perspective.