A.P.C. has that hotness for F/W:


I’d prefer it in a green colorway rather than the tan one pictured… but hey, I’m annoying and picky.  All I know is that in this colorway you’ll be the only guy stunting hard looking like you fed your friends dog puzzle pieces and beer as a joke, and then it threw up all over your basic J. Crew cotton jacket.

$485 at Mr. Porter.  I don’t set the prices or make the rules, but if Mr. Porter says it’s worth $485 I’m willing to believe it.


Without the hood this look like a women’s jacket:

Pic via Oki-Ni.

Quality materials, and quality looking construction that we have come to expect from A.P.C..  Just do yourself a favor and keep the hood on if you’re a man.  If all else fails if you remove the hood make sure you have a really wide neck if you want to put the fur on the collar, or keep the fur off and run the risk of making your head look tiny in that gaping neck opening.

Available for $1113 over at A.P.C.