a bathing ape




haha Payless isn’t actually involved in the collab, but you’d never know it by looking at the shoes.  Come on Nigo!… Jeeeze.  This is when you know a higher end brand is struggling.  They begin to collab with low end brands who focus on pricing and distribution strategies aimed at the masses.  Sure millions will be made as the high end brand deviates from its original self, but at what cost?  Thought anything BAPE you had was unique?  Wait 6 months from now when junior high kids are getting their moms to pick up the AAPE rebranded / low end collab version of everything you own from stores like Zumiez, Payless, Target, and Walmart.

No word on the price of this shoe yet, but I’m sure none of you care anyway.  I sure don’t.

Hat tip: Sneaker News


A couple new camouflage options from BAPE:

In my opinion the “APE SHALL NEVER KILL APE” slogan printed on the center flap is tacky.  I prefer branding that’s more subtle.

Available as pictured in both green and yellow camouflage for $463 over at BAPE.