Converse delivers for fall 2013:


What’s not to like about these?  Even that signature line on the toe in black looks legit.  I always liked that detail on the Purcells.  This contrast stitching on the upper too tho… DAMN.

They are not on the Converse website yet, because they don’t come out until July 1st apparently.  I’m definitely going to keep my eye out.

P.S. Am I the only one that finds it depressing we’re already talking about fall?  It hasn’t even been real hot out yet.  Can I live?


For soldiers suffering from traumatic brain injury and the psychological effects of war, a Department of Defense art therapy program hopes to provide relief:




Making art can help people unlock dark emotions or memories that they can’t yet vocalize, pulling those buried anxieties from their subconscious and placing them onto a canvass or into a lump of clay, said Donna Betts, a professor in the art therapy program at George Washington University.

Full Story, more mask pictures, and the story behind the masks over at over at NBC.


The classic MA-1 sleeve pocket gets a new home:



Subtle military design cues work well.  Trust Japanese brand Digawel to do it right.

I find I’m always shoving my keys and store receipts in my MA-1’s pocket sleeve.  I don’t know how well a heavy set of keys would work in this pocket on a thin cotton shirt, but I could definitely puff it up real nice with a week’s worth of Starbucks and Costco receipts.  Flex smarter, not harder is what I always say.

$275 over at Maas And Stacks.


Makeover of the standard duffle bag:




Check out the eBay auctions for lots of pictures of all 20, and to place your bids.

You can also click through the gallery on Details’ website.

Twenty of America’s greatest menswear designers reinterpret a standard army/navy duffel bag.  Transformations by Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Rag & Bone, Billy Reid, and others—and bid on these one-of-a-kind works of art on eBay from June 10 to June 17. Proceeds go to the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers Of America) Foundation, which benefits emerging designers.

Some are cool, some really are lame.


Even if you’re Asian, just no:


Trust BAPE to dive head first into ultra niche soft goods.  This is something I’d expect your drug dealers cool aunt to have on her wall.  Right away my mind just wrongly went to assuming this is display fan and not a functional fan.  If you’re a hypebeast you’ll probably see this fan in one of your favorite stores, and shit your drop crotch pants as you awkwardly grab for your wallet.

Go forth and purchase; ¥10,290 ($103 USD) over at BAPE.


He never did you wrong. Show you appreciate him with this bracelet:


You’ll quickly become his favorite and breeze through the ranks, trust me on this one.  What metro-sexual sergeant wouldn’t want camouflage toned glass beads on a bracelet with their rank insignia in gold?  Your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.

It’s a real shame that only a sergeant bracelet exists.  You know the guys at all ranks are going to feel left out.

$179 out over at Mr. Porter.