A flashy collab from Canada’s Naked And Famous:

I actually own a pair of the regular Indigo Selvedge Weird Guy model jeans from Naked And Famous which these are based on.  Really great jeans… good price too.  In order to pull off a look with these tiger stripe camo ones though I think a prerequisite is being a member of an indie band.  Bonus points if you play the triangle or the paint can lid.  Before your solos you can roll up your pant leg to flash the crowd (your 2 friends) the leopard print lining, adding to the ambiance.

$195 over at Atrium.  If you like the look, you really won’t be able to find an exclusive jean this high of quality for such a low price.


Plastic Army men trying to safely reach a nearby vegetable garden:

The Making of:

One of the better stop motion shorts I’ve seen.  Really neat how they used fruits and vegetables as explosives, and various flowers for the explosions themselves. I also thought it was interesting that the Army men were cut up in order to convey emotions that come with arm movements, kneeling, looking around etc..


The design is based off the official U.S. Navy Pea Coat:

Made by American leather jacket manufacturer Schott NYC for legendary street wear brand Supreme.

You really can’t go wrong with the classic styling of a pea coat for fall/winter.  I’d take a leather version such as this over the classic wool any day of the week.

Available at Supreme for $688 USD


A Ball And Buck twist on a classic US574 New Balance shoe:

Integrating the signature Ball and Buck Camo, blaze orange heel tab as a hat tip to the hunting inspiration that runs through all of the Ball and Buck products.

The first release of 176 shoes will come with a vintage 50cal ammo can and hand stamped numbered brass plate.

$148 over at Ball and Buck.  Released September 27th in their Boston, MA store, and the next day online (if there are any left).


Made in the USA for the discerning waterfowl hunter:

You can pick both pieces up at Need Supply; $172 USD for the pants, $165 USD for the button-up shirt.

In case you didn’t already figure it out, the “discerning waterfowl hunter” line was a joke.  You will look like one though if you choose to wear both pieces at the same time, so proceed with caution.

Hat tip: James


An interesting tailored tiger stripe camo option out of London, England:

What Heritage Research lacks in a website they make up for in quality looking garments.

This blazer is available over at Bolyston Trading Co. on sale for 50% off.  I know what you’re thinking, it must be cheap now!  Well it’s still $250 USD… sorry to get some of your hopes up.