So let me get this straight, in 2014 society is so past gender norms that something which is called / and IS a skirt can be made specifically for men?  *slow clap* wow… just wow.  Don’t even get me started about those trap star tights the guy in the picture has on.  Or are they “thermals”? *smh*  Personally I think he should have just went full bad bitch and paired a shiny black leotard with that skirt, but maybe the world just isn’t ready.

$880 on SSENSE.  Just watch out for those school bullies my dude.


Just in case you thought kevlar shoes would save your feet from a barrage of gunfire:

Good looking shoe.  Trust OAMC to do it right.



OAMC-Kevlar-Low-ShoeI’ve never been as much for low’s as mid’s though.  Hopefully these will drop in a mid, and blow my mind.

You can grab these for $868 over at UNION.



MultiCam-Guitar-CaseI love factory tours!  Multicam is definitely in my top 5 dead or alive camouflage patterns.

A lot of science and technology go into making the products as good as they are.


CDG put their ridiculous heart logo aside for once, got the Disney blessing and hit the cotton running:


£125 ($209 USD) over at END Clothing.

I bet you didn’t even know camo blocking was so hot right now.  I didn’t either, but know I know.   Add prototype looking Mickey Mouse sketches to it, a Mickey multicam into the mix, and what you have is a witches brew of straight fire.

If I would have known about this before I went to Disney Land with my family this Christmas I would have copped and stunted on all the basic park goers.  Instead, doing as I normally do, I packed a massive duffle bag and a carry-on backpack full of clothes and shoes…. Did I wear all/most of it?  Nope, I wore the same pair of raw denim I’ve been trying to break in, and just changed socks, underwear, and my t-shirt (ENDO Apparel of course) all week.

Side note: I didn’t forget about this blog, don’t worry.  I’ve been crazy busy with ENDO though, so that’s been taking up most of my time.  I’ll try my best to get posts up here more regularly!  Thanks to all of you that still are subscribed and check back!


If you’re a grown-ass man, shit like this is never considered acceptable:



£212 ($341 USD) over at Oki-Ni.

It quickly became obvious to me that designer Bernhard Willhelm has been pushing envelopes in the game for a while now.. dude has quite a few weird products out, and a incredibly shitty website which is very hard to navigate.  That last point alone garners a crazy amount of designer street cred.   I’m not sure why he thought a single set of ears on a hat would be acceptable, much less two sets of ears and some weird looking tusk type ventilation area right over the visor.  It looks like some high school sewing class project the surly goth girl in your class put together.  The teacher gave her an A because her stitches were tight, and she really committed to the audacity of the idea.  It’s important to note that goth chicks are scary when they get mad, and teachers are terrified of hexes.

I know some of you are probably thinking I’d have a different opinion if the designer went with Multicam rather than woodland on the visor.  SHUT UP! NUH UH, NO I WOULDN’T!#^!@


Kryptek Typhon Ferraris and a Rolls Royce:


There’s something great about putting a disruptive pattern on a few hundred thousand dollar vehicle.  I’m definitely going to do that or matte black, and be like fuck it I won’t even tint it they should know who’s in it.

As far as camouflages go, I still like multicam the best.  Because of the colors and pattern it definitely has more fashion applications.


Hat tip: GearWhoresAnon