MSTRPLN has you covered if you have dreamt of wood grain camouflage:




British DPM, Woodland, and Duck camouflage.  They did a nice job; the camo / woodgrain combo is a good look. I’m always a fan of branding being unobtrusive. The iPhone case and the pillows are subtle enough, but the strip at the bottom of each one of those posters totally ruin them in my opinion.

All reasonably priced on Society6 at the MSTRPLN store.   I don’t really have a use for any of the items, but I’m sure they will sell really well.


Bro, do you even climb? Either way, Epperson Mountaineering has you covered:


For the stylishly rugged outdoorsy hunter-gatherer type who appreciates the quality and selection that Whole Foods has to offer.  This tote will fit a lot of quinoa, asparagus, fancy mustards, and that camembert you like so much.  Don’t get too carried away and forget to leave room for the bottle of bordeaux… how pedestrian would that be if you had to buy a liquor store tote, or god forbid carry it out in the open with your free hand?  I hate to even think about embarrassing situations like that.

In case you didn’t already figure it out, the Navajo strap detailing basically is what “makes” the tote.   Be sure to at least wiki what the Navajo people are about before you take this bad boy out in public… people will have no reservations (*ba dum ching*) about bringing their history up in casual conversation, in an attempt to catch a stylish man such as yourself slipping.

Step your tote game up son.  $99 over at End Clothing


Combat Blazer


If you can’t kill them with bullets, kill them with style:


£415.00 ($646 USD) in over at Private White V.C. (also available in Navy)

Most of us (oh just me?) will never see combat, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress-up some of the looks.  Vintage M-65 inspired pockets, buttons, and a wool/silk/linen blend all combined into a slim fit blazer?  Yea… hook a blogger up, I’d crush it on the mean suburban streets here with that.  I can kind of relate to combat… you know, it’s like a war zone around any given downtown Starbucks here; dodging venture capitalists’ assistants, sidewalk dogs, and people texting with their heads down while walking.  You spill that triple pump mocha latte on my combat blazer and it’s over Kevin!  Well maybe not “over” over… I’ll definitely be disappointed though, and have PTSD until I know the stain will come out.

Private-White-VC-Combat-BlazerI’m not sure why the khaki version has huge gusseted pockets, and the navy has smaller pockets which are not gusseted and have a different flap.  If you plan on ordering either you probably should email Private White V.C. and ask them to clarify.  My choice would be the khaki with the smaller pockets & nicer flap, but gusseted.

Like I just started saying – If you haven’t got into blazers yet, it’s never too late.


Hipsterflage Swim Shorts


Orlebar Brown in collaboration with the Woost God:


Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner.  I know you guys are frantically looking for something to hide those awkward boners when going for a dip in the pool.  It’s all about distruptive patterns; this one which I like to call “Woodland Hipster” or “Hipsterflage” will do just that.

Orlebar-Brown-Hipster-Camouflage-Swim-Shorts-1Sure they look like something you would have found on the sale rack at TJ Maxx back in ’92, and that’s exactly the point.  The other thing worth mentioning is that when people ask you where you got the shorts you can drop the Orlebar Brown name, and mention they are a Nick Wooster collab…. and people still won’t give two shits.  Do you care though? Nah, they are just herbs for not being down with menswear like you are.

$275 over at Mr. Porter.  Remember, awkwardly timed pool wood could get you in a lot more than $275 worth of trouble, so think of this as an investment not only in style, but also in your financial future.


Drone proofing… so hot right now. Drone proofing.


A New York City privacy advocate-turned-urban-guerilla fashion designer is selling garments designed to make their wearers invisible to infrared surveillance cameras, particularly those on drones. And although Adam Harvey admits that his three-item Stealth Wear line of scarves and capes is more of a political statement than a money-making venture, the science behind the fashion is quite sound.

Full story – ScientificAmerican

He does this all using metallized fabric, which hold in body heat so the infrared cameras on the drones can’t see you as easily.  No word on the B.O. side effects, but I’m sure after marinating under one of those designs all day, you might be glad you’re alive and undetected by drones but trust me when I say others are going to wish death upon you.

I’m not going to lie, I love the patina that Burqa fabric has.  If you’re trying to holla at mad hunnies all day on the mobile though, this thing will be a total cockblock.  Yeah it blocks cell signals quite nicely too.

£1,500 ($2264 USD) over at Primitive London.  This idea will be hijacked by a big name designer and be on the runway sooner or later… mark my words.


Woolrich has got you covered for when you’re looking to dodge raindrops and gold diggers:


A collab with USA’s own Woolrich Woolen Mills and the omnipresent camo king Mark McNairy.  100% cotton rip stop fabric, handwarmer pockets for maintaining that coziness, and a “high stance” hood.  What?  You only fuck with regular stance hoods?  It’s 2013 homie, high is the new regular… check yourself before your wreck yourself.

£415 ($619 USD) over at End Clothing. Swerve.