Combat Blazer


If you can’t kill them with bullets, kill them with style:


£415.00 ($646 USD) in over at Private White V.C. (also available in Navy)

Most of us (oh just me?) will never see combat, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dress-up some of the looks.  Vintage M-65 inspired pockets, buttons, and a wool/silk/linen blend all combined into a slim fit blazer?  Yea… hook a blogger up, I’d crush it on the mean suburban streets here with that.  I can kind of relate to combat… you know, it’s like a war zone around any given downtown Starbucks here; dodging venture capitalists’ assistants, sidewalk dogs, and people texting with their heads down while walking.  You spill that triple pump mocha latte on my combat blazer and it’s over Kevin!  Well maybe not “over” over… I’ll definitely be disappointed though, and have PTSD until I know the stain will come out.

Private-White-VC-Combat-BlazerI’m not sure why the khaki version has huge gusseted pockets, and the navy has smaller pockets which are not gusseted and have a different flap.  If you plan on ordering either you probably should email Private White V.C. and ask them to clarify.  My choice would be the khaki with the smaller pockets & nicer flap, but gusseted.

Like I just started saying – If you haven’t got into blazers yet, it’s never too late.


Woolrich has got you covered for when you’re looking to dodge raindrops and gold diggers:


A collab with USA’s own Woolrich Woolen Mills and the omnipresent camo king Mark McNairy.  100% cotton rip stop fabric, handwarmer pockets for maintaining that coziness, and a “high stance” hood.  What?  You only fuck with regular stance hoods?  It’s 2013 homie, high is the new regular… check yourself before your wreck yourself.

£415 ($619 USD) over at End Clothing. Swerve.


A touchscreen liner glove from snowboarding company Burton:


Because all of us hardcores are worried about giving up our position when we un-glove our hands to text or answer a call.  Never be caught without some sort of disruptive pattern covering your skin at ALL times when you’re out in the wild.

$18 over at Burton.


The Hill-Side teams up with Owner Operator to bring us this Anorak:


$252 over at Hickoree’s.  I’m not really the biggest fan of pull over jackets, because I get hot then cold at the drop of a hat.  If that doesn’t bother you and you’re in the mood to spice up your outerwear game with some different camouflage though this may be what you’re looking for.


Beams plus spun the color wheel on the iconic silhouette:


£191 ($299 USD) over at Oi Polloi.  Nothing too extreme, so all of them are definitely wearable.


This coat is cold as ice (read “awesome”) design wise, but will also keep you warm:


Shawl collars have been unfuckwithable this winter in the fashion world.  Props to Neighborhood for hopping on the crest of that wave before it breaks and hits the sandy shores of S/S 2013.

Now I know some of you will have trouble stomaching or justifying an $860 jacket… I’m assuming many of you will also not be thrilled that this one has a pre-worn look.  Do they give these to homeless guys and let the wear happen organically?  Do they use modern technology to get the look?  All these unanswered questions…

$863 CAN ($860 USD) over at Haven.