Makeover of the standard duffle bag:




Check out the eBay auctions for lots of pictures of all 20, and to place your bids.

You can also click through the gallery on Details’ website.

Twenty of America’s greatest menswear designers reinterpret a standard army/navy duffel bag.  Transformations by Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger, Rag & Bone, Billy Reid, and others—and bid on these one-of-a-kind works of art on eBay from June 10 to June 17. Proceeds go to the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers Of America) Foundation, which benefits emerging designers.

Some are cool, some really are lame.


Alex has you covered when surplus rucksacks aren’t classy enough:


That thing is beautiful.  The combination of this distressed olive leather with the supple looking black straps, piping detail and flaps is just amazing.  I’m a big fan of bags… duffle, rucksack, or otherwise.  Additionally, if they are military inspired, leather, and/or use advance materials count me in!

$1275 over at SSENSE.


Some simple/quality looking bags with psuedo PALS webbing:




With most prices hoving around the €80 – €100 mark ($108 – $134 USD) this is actually around the same price, or maybe even a bit cheaper than buying real MILSPEC bags.  I haven’t seen anything by Unit Portables in person, so I can’t speak to their quality in comparison to MILSPEC, but it looks nice in the pictures.  For those that want a more modern look with modularity, Unit Portables might be a good option.


Louis Vuitton Monogramouflage


Finally, a disruptive pattern aimed at pretentious people:


For years now I’ve been telling everyone who would listen, how much I like camouflage yet find it hard to wear because all the commoners wear it.  What I needed was a distinct camouflage that was so expensive, when people saw it they just knew instantly that you were better than them.  What company better to pull this off, than Louis Vuitton? They teamed up with Japanese pop-artist Takashi Murakami who came up with a pattern to throw the LV monogram on, and hit the ground running.  Head over to Nitrolicious to see several more Monogramouflage pieces from the collection.

If I ever see it in the wild, you better believe that Keepall 55 (pictured) is an insta-cop.


Bag / protective case maker InCase teams up with legendary streetwear brand Stussy:

Obviously not real PALS webbing.  I’m thinking 99.9999% of the target market will not even know what PALS is or care, but it bothers me either way.  If all you’re doing is wrapping a headphone cord here or there, or in need of a place to stick your pen then I’m sure these would suffice.

The items picture will be available within the next few months at the respective websites if you’re interested.  There are plenty of USA made MIL-SPEC options I’d urge you to consider instead though.


A limited edition briefcase from luggage maker TUMI:


The cases are created using 65 layers of Tegris® to create an anti-ballistic material that meets NIJ Standard 0108.01, Threat Level 1. This case is specifically designed to protect items stored inside it; it is not intended to be used for personal safety or self-defense; it is not for official use by government agencies, the military or law enforcement personnel.

Available for $5995 over at TUMI.  I do own a few TUMI items, and they are all very well made.  As much as I like the look of the briefcase $6k is a lot of money.