You know the ones they hated from the 70s?  They can be yours:


For the cool price of ¥18,900 ($224 USD) each over at Cover-it-all.

Those look so uncomfortable.  Reminds me of the chairs in grade school that were uncomfortable if you slouched, so you tried to sit up straight and do your work but that was uncomfortable too.  Oh just me?  hmmm never mind then.


Los Angeles designer Stephen Kenn breathes new life into old military fabrics:

The video is very much worth watching.  I need to know where that military fabric warehouse is in East L.A (2:20)!  Anyone know?

Stephen takes a very hands on approach to the whole process, meeting in person with the individuals actually making the components.

Some of my favorite pieces from the Inheritance Collection:

Couch – $5000

Chair & Ottoman – $2000

The prices are surprisingly low considering the furniture is a limited run, hand made in the United States.

Make sure to check out Stephen Kenn’s website for more info, and to view the rest of the Inheritance Collection.