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The french company is actually called WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie (wow that’s a long name) and by the look of their website they are smashing the luxe bag game.  Their bags are carried at such high-end retailers like Mr. Porter, Barneys, and Nordstrom, not to mention SSENSE where you can pick this particular bag up […]

Three camouflage long sleeve button-ups in this Hamilton 1883 collab with Nick Wooster the king of camo: A good mix of a few different disruptive patterns.  The shirts are made in the USA with Italian cotton. If I had to pick I’d go with the middle option.  I’m not 100% sure what the name for […]

Swedish brand White Briefs x Nick Wooster: Woodland DPM up in this beast.  There you have it… a t-shirt 600kr ($92 USD), a tank 500kr (~$77 USD), and some underwear 350kr ($53 USD).  Basic looking as the name states, but without a basic price considering Nick Wooster‘s stamp is on it.  Nick Wooster sure loves camouflage. Available […]

Street style icon Nick Wooster talks briefly about trends in mens fashion: Some interesting points he brings up in the video: Uniforms and military inspired clothing will never go out of style because of their rich history. Camouflage is a paradox because it is meant to make you less visible but on its own it is […]

Hipsterflage Swim Shorts


Orlebar Brown in collaboration with the Woost God: Spring has sprung and summer is just around the corner.  I know you guys are frantically looking for something to hide those awkward boners when going for a dip in the pool.  It’s all about distruptive patterns; this one which I like to call “Woodland Hipster” or […]

Actually, toasty and crispy at the same time: Further proof that camouflage has infiltrated every aspect of menswear.  If you wear these with the Woost God’s camo basics you might never be able to find your lower half if you ever need to pee in the middle of the woods. At $20 over at Uniqlo, if you need some […]